Bussiness cooperation and cooperation.

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Do you have goods that match our cryteria?

There are two simple steps you can take to start a fruitful cooperation with us:

1. Contact us:

– fill in the form
– send us an email info (at) vision.pl
– call us +48 609 810 626

2. Introduce your offer to us. Please include the following:

– name of the product
– Barcode
– quantity
– best before date
– packaging (number of items on the pallet, weight)

Send us your price offer

Your benefits:

– immediate recover of money invested in goods, 100% pre-payment ( we buy stock based on issuing invoice)
– no need to worry about transportation as we use our own trucks.
– minimising loss by recovering warehouse space for new stock
– very quick time of completion

Work with the best company in the industry